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I am trying to find a phrase that has the opposite meaning to "Items of Necessity" or "Necessity Items" in the context of having two opposing types of item, one needed for the basic sustainment of living such as water, food and etc., and one that more or less caters to personal pleasures and preferences such as jewellery, luxury sedan and things of that sort.

I thought about "luxury items" but I am wondering if there is a better option, hopefully something I can replace "luxury" with, maybe something that sounds more technical.

Also if there isn't any good word for substitution, would "items of necessity" more or less fit the bill here? But then it looks a bit wordy to me.

Thanks for the help. Cheers.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    A quick question at this point!

    Would cigarettes, for example, fall into the "luxuries" column? (actually it's those type of items for which I am trying to find a suitable name)

    Maybe it's just me but it would sound a bit too luxurious to call it a luxury.

    Would there be any word that semantically stands between "necessities" and "luxuries" in this type of context?

    For example, could I somehow make use of the word "Preference"? Maybe (just spitballing here) "Preferentials"?


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    Nicotine being the addictive substance it is, cigarettes would fall into the Necessities column. Unless you want to create an Addictives class. :)
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