It's a 22 I call her Peggy Sue

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  1. colia Senior Member


    some of you may have recognized Rihanna's Man Down lyrics...I can't make out the exact meaning of the sentence, is 22 the name of a firearm ? And who is this Peggy Sue she's talking about ? Can anyone help ?

    Many thanks in advance !
  2. Michelvar

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    oui, elle parle d'une arme, pistolet ou revolver, de calibre .22, et elle lui a donné uin petit nom : Peggy Sue.
  3. colia Senior Member

    Ok, thanks a lot for your help Michelvar !
  4. Transfer_02 Senior Member

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    "Peggy Sue" is a Buddy Holly song (written and performed by him) from 1957.
  5. colia Senior Member

    Thanks Transfer_02, seems to be a love song...any idea why someone would give a revolver the name of a girl ? Just in case someone happens to know...
  6. petit1 Senior Member

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    It's for the rime: 22 Sue
  7. Maharg Senior Member

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    I think perhaps that Americans might name their guns in the same way that people might name their cars or ships or even lorries, for example. These are usually named after girls too.
  8. colia Senior Member

    AH, I see ! Very interesting indeed, let's see if someone confirms...
  9. colia Senior Member

  10. pointvirgule

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    Because gun people are nuts.
  11. All in One Senior Member

    Ce site nous dit :

  12. colia Senior Member

    Thanks a lot guys !

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