It's a bit slack


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In the coursebook Ready for Advanced in the listening script of page 47, there is a clause I do not understand.
The listening is about a man who goes to a job interview and had some problems.
"The trouble was that... the web page hadn't been updated..., so I asked all these questions about products they didn't produce... They must have thought I wasn't very well prepared. It wasn't my fault, though, and I kind of lost enthusiasm for the job once I found out what has happened. I mean, it's a bit slack, isn't it?"
Slack means not putting enough care or attention. But I don't know what it means here. Can you help me?
  • Uncle Jack

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    You have the correct definition. He is referring the company, not bothering to update their website. As he realised this (perhaps during the course of the interview), his enthusiasm for working for that company faded.
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