It's a bitch on that hook

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    In the Steve Berry's Venetian Betrayal, two agents (Stefanie and Malone) are involved in a gunfire on the streets. Malone asks Stefanie to explain what's happening

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    Strefanie has used some woman that the culprit(s) for whatever reason wish to contact, abduct, or even kill, in order to lure them into an ambush or trap where they may be arrested or shot, as one catches a fish with bait sucn as a worm on a hook.
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    Thank you. I didn't explain well...
    Stefanie herself is the bait here. And I don't believe Malone would say that she is a bitch. So this must be a metaphor or something like that.
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    Who's who, Magdalena?

    If Stefanie is the second speaker, then she isn't saying that there "is a bitch [derogatory name for a female] on that hook". She's saying that "it is a bitch" which means that it is a hard/difficult/dangerous/stinky/smelly/not fun thing to be in that situation.


    A: Did you get the septic tank cleaned out?

    B: Yeah, it was a real bitch of a job. I'm never gonna do that again.
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    (Malone asks Stefanie to explain what's happening)
    Stefanie: "Ever heard of bait?"
    Malone: "Yeah, and it's a bitch on that hook."
    Stefanie: "I have men in the square."
    He (Malone ) risked a look around, but saw nothing: "They invisible?"
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    Same advice as my previous posting, Magdalena.

    Here are some more examples:

    A: I'm having a bitch of a time understanding algebra.

    B: Algebra, it's a piece a cake. Now, physics, that's a bitch!
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    Thank you very much, I understood. :)

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