it's <a self-recommending> film, and I'm not here to tell you to buy it

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The question isn't whether Citizen Kane is one of the greatest films ever made: that's a given.The question is whether it's the greatest.The American Film Institute thinks it is, voting it to their number-one spot. Not bad for a movie that failed when ic first hit the screen. In any case, it's a self-recommending film, and I'm not here to tell you to buy it. Let me just say I can't imagine anyone even remotely interested in cinematography not buying it. Warner Brothers give their new DVD edition every advantage a classic movie of this stature should get: newly remastered picture and sound, two full audio commencaries, a documentary as long as the film, and a ton of peripheral material all contained in a two-disc package.

Could you help me understand this sentence?
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    The second part, "I'm not here to tell you to buy it" is clear enough: The purpose of my writing this is not to tell you to buy the film (it is something else).

    "It's a self-recommending film" means that the film recommends itself, that if you see the film, you will realise that it is worth seeing/buying. However to say it is self-recommending is nonsensical; how will you know it is worth seeing in the first place if no one recommends you watch it?


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    I think "it's a self-recommending film" means that it's so well-known as "the best film of all time" that its reputation is enough to recommend it.
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