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Topic: it's all over nothing at all
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How can I interpretate this Aretha Franklin's song?

1. It's all over, there's nothing left

2. Nothing is completely over, there's still something

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    Please give us the song title and a link to the song lyrics and tell us exactly what you need. Are you asking about two different lines? If so, you'll need a thread for each question. Or is your #2 an interpretation of #1? Thank you.

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    You can find the complete text on
    (Ella fitzgerald, "all over nothig at all")

    As I'm not english native speaker, I've some doubts about the meaning of the sentence "it's all over nothing at all" and I wanted to know if it means that
    a) it's completely over (it's all over, there's nothing at all)
    b) it's not completely over (nothing at all is over)



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    (Yoshimj can't include a link until he has more posts.)

    Here is the link:

    The "nothing at all" here means "nothing of any significance". The "over" is similar to "on the topic of" or "about". "All over nothing at all" means "This entire thing/incident was about nothing of any significance".

    "All over nothing at all
    You built me up to a waterfall"

    We had an argument about something of no significance to the point that you made me cry.

    As another example of "All over":

    "They fought and broke up, all over the fact that she wouldn't get rid of her old boyfriend's picture."

    Another example of "over" in this sense:

    "They argued over how to spend the lottery winnings."
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    Sorry, it's Ella Fitzgerald and the song title is right "All Over nothing at all". You can also find it on Youtube.

    Unfortunately I cannot give you the link (I tried) because I'm a new member and I've not yet posted more than 30 comments.

    Thank you very much
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