It's all time we have...

  • bwac14

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    The second one is not correct. You are missing "the" before time.

    "That's all we have time for today."
    "That's all the time we have for today."

    Uncle Jack

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    No. Sentence (1) is fine, and "that" refers to whatever has just taken place. This is a very common sentence.

    If sentence (2) has "the" added, then it would be correct, but "that" refers to the time that has just been spent doing something. This is a lot less common, and it implies that the time is more important than whatever was done in that time.


    Can both be used at the end of the class to mean "Time's up"? Is it possible to use "the" in (1) That's all we have the time for today. ?

    Uncle Jack

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    Can both be used at the end of the class to mean "Time's up?"
    If this is what you want to say, focusing on there being no more time left, then you could use sentence (2) with "the", but it isn't a particularly obvious expression to use.

    Sentence (1) focuses on not being able to do anything more rather than the time period itself being finished.


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    Note than in (1) "for" does not govern "today" but "all".
    The sentence means: That is all for which we have time today. We don't have time for anything more today.

    So if you add "the" before "time" in (2), you should delete "for".