It's been an honor/privilege working with you

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Marbor, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Marbor

    Marbor Member

    a fellow work mate of mine is leaving for good the company for which he's been working for for more than two years, and I'd like to make him to understand that I really appreciated his work and enjoyed his companionship, I wonder if it's appropriate to tell him "It's been an honor/privilege working with you for all this time" or something more suitable?
    thanks and ciao
  2. doorman Senior Member

    Rennes, France
    Croatian, Italian
    I'd say:
    It was (really) an honour working with you and I (really) enjoyed it.

    In my opinion, the part "all this time" should be left out because it's clear to which time are you refering to. Also, since he is no longer working at your company, I would use the past simple, and not the present perfect.

    However, you should wait for a native speaker's response.
  3. Odysseus54

    Odysseus54 Mod huc mod illuc

    In the hills of Marche
    Italian - Marche
    I would say that if it's the day he is leaving, " Working with you has been a privilege " would be the preferred way to say that.

    If he meets him again after some time, you would have " Working with you was a privilege "
  4. Memimao Senior Member

    Busto Arsizio, Italy
    United Kingdom English

    I agree, though sometimes AE ignores this distinction.
  5. ~Lilla~ Senior Member

    English - Australia
    Marbor, I think the way you originally put it was perfect! it's exactly what I'd say!
    "It's been an honour and a privilege working with you."

    (I'd probably only say 'all this time' if it was longer than 2 years, as it implies it has been a long time. But that's not too important. You could definitely say it. It depends what you consider a long time. :) However if I was to mention the amount of time I would probably say this instead:
    "It's been an honour and a privilege working with you for/over the past few years.")

    And yes, Odysseus54, I also agree about 'has been' and 'was'.
  6. Marbor

    Marbor Member

    Thanks Lilla, it's clear now I'll definitely follow your suggestion.
  7. McMann828 New Member

    In my own opinion , It been my honour and privilege working with you. Things that we must consider if we use the word "honour "in speech means that he/ she is well no know respected person or high than your position . meanwhile ' "privilege " in speech we use it reffering to a person however is occupied or busy on his/ her schedule still manage to grant your invitation.I would rather say. It is my honour working with you
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  8. Einstein

    Einstein Senior Member

    Milano, Italia
    UK, English
    Isn't it time to move this thread to English Only? I can't find a word of Italian...
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