It's been quiet at badminton recently since school has started again.


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I sometimes play badminton and lately it's been less busy than during the summer. Would anyone know how to say "It's been quiet at badminton recently since school has started again." in Chinese? Would you say “最近羽毛球很安静..."? (or would a literal translation not work?)

Thanks! :)
  • Informally, I'd say 开了学,最近(羽毛)球场就没什么人(打球)了。

    I've seen you misuse 羽毛球 quite a few times in your direct translation of "badminton", yuechu. Keep in mind that this word only means two things in Chinese: (1) the badminton sport, or (2) shuttlecock. 最近羽毛球很安静 would most probably be interpreted as something as hilarious as "the shuttlecock has been quiet/silent recently" (it'd better be, or I'll be scared :D), since 安静 can't generally be used to describe a sport*.

    * Although I imagine you could say 昨天那场羽毛球很安静 to describe a particular game/match of badminton yesterday that made little noise, that's different from making a general statement about the whole sport.
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    Oh, thanks for your suggestions! Your explanation about how to translate it (and how not to translate it) helps a lot! (I have indeed been translating it wrong!)
    谢谢, hx1997! :)