It's best watched with the muted sound.

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Hello there,

I need to write the following Slovak sentence in English:

'Táto telenovela je dokonalá dráma. Najlepšie je ju sledovať bez zvuku, pre ešte lepší vizuálny zážitok.'

My try:

'This telenovela is the ultimate drama. It's best watched with the sound off, for enhanced visual experience.'

It is 'It's best watched' bit that is bugging me. It is grammatically correct or should it be, say, 'It's best to watch it' or 'It's best to be watched'?

Thank you in advance for any help.


  • Oranje

    English - England
    It's best watched > It's best to watch it > It's best to be watched
    All fine. I would never use "it's best to be watched" here, it just doesn't sound fluent. The meaning is also slightly different from the others, I feel.

    without sound > with no sound > with the sound off
    This is just to my tastes. "With the sound off" sounds rather extended, but none of these are ungrammatical.

    for an enhanced visual experience
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