It's cold that we'd better stay indoor...


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Hello everyone...

I've come across this sentence on British Council website.

<It's cold that we'd better stay indoor.>

I don't really understand what the function of that is.

It's a bit clumsy somehow, In general, we would say this separately, wouldn't we?

I'm not saying that the sentence is wrong, I just wanna make sure I fully understand the meaning of it.

Here's a clause that I followed that construction to make.

<The war is still ongoing that we'd better be aware all the time.>

Could anyone here help me?

  • jexrry_nam

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    I had gone back there and tried to find it, but I wasn't able to find it again.

    Maybe I remember it wrongly, not sure.

    Let's go with the clause that you've corrected.
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