It's getting difficult to live at a grassroots level


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Hello everyone! :)

I'm a bit confused as to what "at a grassroots level" means in the context below.

As far as I know, a grassroots level usually refers to the "lower levels" of a party or company, the level that consists of the ordinary people (and not the leaders). Or that it could mean "the basic levels", the basics of something, if I'm not mistaken.

This is from a video, part of it appeared in a different thread of mine as well (in case someone saw it):
"It's getting difficult to live life the way we have been living it: at a grassroots level. More and more people are discovering this in their lives. So each of us is grappling of coming to terms with the globalization of information, with the changes that are taking place in our institutions and the collapse of many of our institutions. And how it translates for us is unique to us, because each of us is in the world in a different way. We're in the same physical world but we're in very different emotional and spiritual worlds. So it becomes a unique answer for each of us."

I think grassroots level refers to the fact that thanks to technology we are not that separated anymore, we can't just live our lives isolated in small communities, as we used to do. (Since a grassroots movement is a movement that has people from a certain area/district/community/etc. in it, maybe grassroots level refers to "living life in small, isolated communities". But since technology can connect us quite easily now it's not really possible anymore.)

Do you think I got it right?

Thank you for any replies in advance! :)
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    Yes, I believe you got it right, in an extended drawn-out definition kind of way.

    I personally would not define "grassroots level" the way you did where your audience consists of students - many of them beginners. It just confuses them.

    The shorter the better. Leave the complete definition consisting of all the twists and turns a word can take in any language. for when they're getting the PhD.
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