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Hello, everyone,

I'd like to know if the expression it's me again conveys only the meaning of apologizing. Could it be an expression of jokes?
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    I don't know why you think it might convey only the meaning of apologizing.
    It's only apologetic if said in a context where the speaker feels an apology might be appropriate.


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    I don't know why you think it might convey only the meaning of apologizing.
    Probably because it is quite often used in such a context and that was where Annie21 first saw or heard it used.

    It's me again, with another stupid question
    - apologetic
    It's me again -sorry I've been away for a while - not apologetic - sure of being welcome


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    This sentence is cited by Peter Grundy in his book Doing pragmatics. He said in his book that when we use It's me again as an utterance, it is usually to apologize for troubling someone a second time. What he said confuses me a lot. In my understanding, it's me again can be uttered when someone appear a second time without connotation. That's why I came here for help. And thanks all for your answers.
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    Not just "appear"; it could also be said in a phone call. If I've been speaking to someone and I remember just after hanging up that there's something else I wanted to tell or ask the person, I'd immediately call back and start by saying, "Hi, it's me again." And there's no apology involved.


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    Peter's statements confuse me a lot, too, annie.

    Yes, there is a situation, where you have to bother someone again, but I'd include "sorry" also: Sorry, it's me again.

    The "sorry" is the apology.

    "It's me again." could be meant self-deprecating almost, like Destruida says.

    "It's me again." could also be used to call attention to oneself, sort of in a joking way, which I think is part of your question.

    Mostly, "It's me again." means just that: I'm here again.
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