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I was fixing my co-worker's writing. He wrote " It's my great pleasure if you have got useful information and experiences in my course." ( He is working as a teacher and he is writing this message to his students.)

I think he meant that he would be happy if his students were able to gain useful information and experiences in his course.

Is his sentence correct?

I was trying not to change his sentence to much to have his originality in the message. So I was trying to think the best way to change this sentence to the correct-sounding one.

Can I rewrite his sentence like this: "It would be a great pleasure if you could have gained useful information and experiences in my course"?

I would appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Thank you!
  • lowcountry

    This is a little tricky given that you don't want to really change the sentence, but I think something like this will do (Assuming this is some sort of end-of-the-year note):

    "If you have gained any useful information and experience in my course, it will have been a great pleasure to me"
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