it's not exactly sandals out there

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  1. rambopark Senior Member

    South Korea
    It's about a prison drama.
    The situation: Michael ask his head a favor; changing his cell mate. But the head didn't accept it based on prison rules.
    Here's a conversation.

    Head: I wish there was some way I could, you know, pay you or something. (Michael have helped head's personal thing)
    Michael: There's a thing you could do for me. My cell mate.
    Head: Hold it right there. Unfortunately, unless there's some evidence of violence or sexual predation between cellmates, those kinds of requests fall on deaf ears around here. Prison system's a little too crowded for requests based on personality. It's not exactly sandals out there.

    In here, I don't get the last sentence. What does that mean?
    Many thanks :>
  2. Copyright

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    Please reduce your quotation to four sentences -- you'll just have to tell us what is going on in place of the dialog you need to delete. Thank you.
  3. gramman

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    Sandals [with a capital es] Resorts is an operator of all-inclusive resorts for couples in the Caribbean (from Wikipedia). The Head is indicating that the prison is less accommodating to requests for relocation from its residents than the resort operator is to those from its customers.
  4. rambopark Senior Member

    South Korea
    I don't understand what you're saying. Should I delete my thread? or dialog in my thread? And I don't know why you said to reduce my quotation to four sentences. you mean, it that too long? What's the matter with my quotation? I'd really appreciate if you tell me exactly what my problem is easily. Thanks :>
  5. rambopark Senior Member

    South Korea
    Thanks, Gramman. But, Is really Sandals Resort in US???
  6. Parla Senior Member

    New York City
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    No, they're located on various islands in the Caribbean.
  7. rambopark Senior Member

    South Korea
    I got it. Really thanks :>
  8. RM1(SS)

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    Per the forum rules (specifically, rule 4), you are allowed to quote up to four sentences of text. You quoted more than that, so you need to delete part of your quotation.

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