Its ok babe..madala dala rna

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    That was the answer to this text: Thanks. Long live to the both of you . Hope your happy with my friend . Di naku paka balog engliah babe haha


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    Dala normally translates as "to carry/bring something" and it's idiomatic meaning is "to endure the weight of something as a consequence of carrying an object, whether it be tangible or psychological".

    Madala ba nimo akong bag ugma?
    Will you be able to bring my bag tomorrow?

    Dili nako madala ang kasakit sa akong kasing-kasing.
    I cannot endure the pain of my heart = I cannot endure my heartache

    "Madala-dala" is the attenuated version of "madala" (check out the reduplication feature of the Visayan dialect). So it now means "to get by".

    Contextually, the phrase translates as: "It's ok will get by (on your current level English, as you will still be understood even though you may commit a lot of grammatical mistakes)"