It's okay to <lean into> that


Hi guys,

I'm not sure what's meant by "lean into that" in this sentence - "It's okay to lean into that a little bit". The conversation is
A: There's so much that has happened here (the big house where she's moving out).
B: You've been here for so long and it's such a part of your life. It would be weird if you didn't feel emotions around this.
A: Yeah.
B: It's okay to lean into that a little bit.

Does "lean into" mean to accept the bad situation (her rental house is sold from under her), or does it mean it's okay to be sad about the bad situation?

  • kaynyc

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    Hi Kenny, a little late, but I think it would mean "allowing yourself to take some time to feel things".


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    That sounds right. It's okay to wallow in sad feelings for a bit.

    It's not something I've heard before in that context.

    Hans in Texas

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    It sems I have seen the term “lean into” in contexts which imply the meaning “concentrate on/get involved in”.


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    @Hans, thank you! That's the meaning I was looking for when I landed on this page!

    @kentix, wallowing in, yes, that's the term I was looking for :)

    Léa Blueshadow

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    Hello! I found this thread while looking for the meaning of this quote:
    "Shifters were notorious for having simple affairs... she could lean into that"
    context: the 'shifter' and the narrator are about to undergo a marriage of convenience. It is more like a bargain, where they both get something from the other.
    so my question is: could this here mean 'get involved in' as Hans in Texas suggested?
    thanks in advance


    Modwoman in the attic
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    It sounds as if it means “be willing to do that,” but like kentix in #5, I haven’t heard the phrase used in that type of situation, so I could be completely wrong.
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