it's only important what happens to me


Two paranormal investigators from the Society of Psychical Research -- Grosse and Playfair -- have been staying at a house with a poltergeist. But suddenly they get barred from the house by the owner of the house and their superiors from that society. Playfair tells Grosse this news when Grosse is back from an absence. Now Grosse is going to get in anyway but Playfair gets in his way talking him out of it. Grosse:
-- Well, I'll have a word with Mrs...
-- No, I've tried everything. She [owner of the hosue] says this is a house of death for you and that she doesn't want that on her conscience. I wish to God I'd never invited that dreadful Craine woman.
-- Well, it's only important what happens to me.
The Enfield Haunting, TV series

Playfair's line is about a woman medium, who after the contact with the poltergeist said that this house is a house of death for Grosse.
I can't understand what Grosse means by the purple phrase. Thank you.
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    That's an odd one. It could also be a sarcastic comment, along the lines of "now, the only thing that matters in this investigation is my safety?"