It's very troublesome or what


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I've read several threads about "troublesome" and I found something similar to my question. Here is a similar one. But here's my context.

My friend asked me why I don't send photos in Facebook or Twitter, I said:

It's very troublesome. (Is it natural?)


There are many steps for me to get access to Facebook. I need to rent a proxy server first, then I need to have an account, later I need to get access to Facebook but I need to wait for a long time, and I have to upload photos from my cell phone to computer.........

I really don't want to do that because it's time-cousuming, boring and annoying. Those threads which I have read tell me that my expression is natural, but I don't think I can say "It's a pain in the behind to get access to....."

Thanks a lot
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    Brass: Why don't you post pictures on Facebook or Twitter?
    Silver: Because it's too much trouble.

    I wouldn't use "troublesome," but it's certainly not wrong.