arabic mixed up with french, but strongest in english

I would just like to know what does "ittekemasu" mean?
It kept on showing up and the subtitles dont give a translation.
Please reply.

Thank you in advance,
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    You say ittekimasu 行ってきます typically when you leave home for school, work, a trip, or whatever reason. Literally, it means "I'll go and come back," and you can use it in this sense too. You can also say it when you leave a place that you regard more or less as home.


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    ittekimasu 行ってきます literally means : I'm leaving, it is a kind of idiosyncratical idiom. French has it like " je m'en vais" or "j'y vais", better than the english, which is a bit "plain"...


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    and it's very polite to say that... and I don't remember when I said that last time. That means I don't get along with my parents.:D