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    jakarta, indonesian
    I am from Indonesian and now I am learning Japanese. Thank you Kenmori. Your English is very good and your answer help me much as well. :). So now I want to ask you something.

    In one of dorama, somebody says, "ikiteru yo" and the translation is: I'm leaving. The situation is that one will go somewhere. As far as I know, to go is "iku/ikimasu", is "ikiteru yo" meant: informal saying for "I am going/leaving", meanwhile I find in google that "ikiteru" is "to live" not "to leave". Thanks before.

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    I'm not Kenmori.

    I think the somebody said, "ittekuru yo."
    If he/she really said "ikiteru yo," we should think of a more complicated situation.
    For example, he/she is going to go a war or a space travel, saying "I'm leaving from you for a while, but I swear that I will survive."
    he/she is going to separate with the listener, and he/she will probably never meet the listener again, saying "This is it. This is sayonara, but I will be alive somewhere else."

    Anyway "ikiteru yo" seems less likely in usual conversation.

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