I've done some light catalog work, but, really, modeling is just a stepping stone to acting.

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Agito a42

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Source: Deadpool 2 (2018), an American movie.

Wade (who has an ugly disfigured face) and his young pretty-looking cellmate Russell are eating their meals in the prison mess hall. Another inmate (whose name is Tom) approaches them and start talking to Russel.
Tom: Well, hello there, new fish. It's nice to see some fresh faces around here.
Wade: I've done some light catalog work, but, really, modeling is just a stepping stone to acting.
Tom: I was talking to him.

This is a joke, of course. Does Wade imply that he's not in modelling anymore because he aspires to be a movie actor? Or is it something else?
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    It's two jokes, really.
    (1) Wade mocks his own ugliness ~ of course he hasn't really done any modeling, not with that face.
    (2) Wade mocks the standard vapid twaddle that models speak when asked about their careers: "I'm not just a pretty face: I have talents and ambitions. One of these days the whole world will marvel at my portrayal of Macbeth."

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    Than's funny, :). Thank you, ewie.

    But could you, please, explain one more thing? If we took him literally, what would that mean? That he is currently a catalog model? It's like he's sitting in his dressing room giving the interview: "Yes, I've done some light catalog work during my career (he shows false modesty), but, in actual fact, modeling is just a stepping stone to acting -- that's where I want to be someday (he talks about his aspirations/ambitions)"?

    Is my reading of it correct?
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    :thumbsup:Imagine Tom is an interviewer for some inane women's magazine:
    Tom: It's nice to see a fresh face on the catwalk / magazine covers. Why don't I know your face better?
    Wade: Well, I've really only worked for catalogues up to now. But now that you're putting me in your magazine, interviewing me as if I was some kind of celebrity, I might be able to move on to my One Great Love, which is Serious Acting. (I've done all the preparation needed to play Hamlet: facials twice a week, four hours daily in the gym, paying a personal trainer $2000 a week, a diet that a dog wouldn't eat ...)


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    He's saying he is currently a model, with ambitions to be in acting. However, his modeling experience/qualifications only consist of having appeared in clothing catalogs. When he says "I've done some light catalog work" that means he hasn't done much of it (light = limited). He's had a few jobs appearing in catalogs. And no jobs in other areas of modeling.

    Also, it's important to understand that there is a hierarchy in the modeling world. For a model, appearing in catalogs is the low end of the modeling world. That's where you might start your career. People who do that aren't even known by name usually. If you are good at modeling, you might have the opportunity to leave that world behind and appear in fashion shows, and fancy magazines and become recognized by your face and name. You might even be given a chance to try acting once you become that famous.

    So you see how it's supposed to be funny. He has a terrible face but claims to be a model but one who has only done a limited amount of appearances in the lowest tier of modeling. Still, he talks like he's a big shot who will one day be an actor. It's meant to sound ridiculous and, as Ewie says, sound like the way a stereotypical airhead model talks.

    Wade is a funny guy.
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