I've got your back, I have your six


How would you say in French (similar to the English saying): "I have your back."

"I have your back" is a saying which means that you will defend the person you are saying it to.

It means that you "have them covered" or you are "right behind them" to help or to defend.

Another wording could be: "I am right behind you." This means that I support you in whatever problem, conflict or fight.

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  • MargieL

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    "I've got your back" means "Don't worry, I keep a look-out for you". Context would help us though polak.21.

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    I must translate in french an interview of Kevin Mckidd, an actor who directed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. They asked him : How did your fellow castmembers react to you being behind the camera?
    And he answers : 'Everyone in the cast, everyone, came up to me and they were just so supportive. Patrick [Dempsey] said to me, 'I've got your back.'

    I don’t undertand the 'I've got your back.' Can I translate this by : je suis derrière toi ?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Je suis derrière toi, je suis à 100% avec toi...

    C'est comme quand on est totalement d'accord avec les idées de quelqu'un, on le supporte, on "le suit à 100%", familièrement.

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    Speaking of the military context, this is also expressed sometimes as I've got your six, since if you were standing on a clock dial that would be behind you. According to this thread at 12 o'clock (position) the French use the same concept in a general sense - how would you combine those ideas in this case? Thanks!


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    I heard something that sounded like 'gaucheur/gaucheuse' for this kind of thing, but Im not sure exactly how it's spelt 'Je suis ton/ta gaucheur/gaucheuse', does anyone know?