I've never been to foreign country or I've never been aboard [abroad]


I've never been to foreign country or I've never been aboard

well u see my english is so poor. << Second question deleted. >>
help me with both of them please

i mean which one s better, please explain how and why should i use one and not the other

thx :)
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    Hello, and welcome. Bear in mind that you can ask for one question per thread.

    Have you ever been abroad? is more or less the same as have you ever been to a foreign country? They both imply going out of your country to another one.
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    Welcome to the forum ellietequila

    As far as "abroad" and "foreign" are concerned, the terms are virtually synonymous. You can see tht if you enter "abroad" in the search box for the dictionary at the top of the page.

    Good luck !!!
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    1. i've never been to foreign country or I've never been abroad? - sdgraham has answered this one - they are the same.

    2. i don't even kno the difference between where are you from and where did you come from

    It seems you have asked two questions in one post; you should only ask one question per post.

    "Where are you from?" = "In which country or town were you born?"

    "Where did you come from?" = "Where were you before you were here?"


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    I believe there is a distinction between abroad and a foreign country, at least in US English usage. If I traveled to Mexico, I could correctly claim that I'd been to a foreign country, but not that I'd been abroad. Abroad usually denotes travel to another continent.
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