I've never met a woman as beautiful...?

Discussion in 'Română (Romanian)' started by mike2008, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. mike2008 Senior Member

    England English
    I would like to send a message to my girlfriend, please can someone help me to translate it.

    "I've never meet a woman as beautiful as you, your little feet are amazing, I'm in love with them".

    I hope that doesn't sound weird (I'm not crazy about feet), it's the best I could come up with today.
  2. JosephineM Member

    romanian, english
    Here you go:

    "Nu am mai intalnit niciodata o femeie atat de frumoasa ca tine. Ai niste picioruse fantastice, m-am indragostit de ele."
  3. OldAvatar Senior Member

    I've never met* :thumbsup:
  4. mike2008 Senior Member

    England English
    Thank you very much JosephineM for translating my English into Romanian.
    Thank you very much OldAvatar for translating my Eenglish into English. If you hadn't of pointed it out I would of probably spent the rest of my life spelling it that way.

    Bye and thank you both.

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