ivoire (cuisine)


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A recipe calls for 250 g d’ivoire. Can anyone tell me what it is? I know it is some kind of covering but I don't know what kind and there are no pictures.

Can anyone help?

Thank you
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    The rest of the recipe should provide some clues.
    Is ivoire an ingredient that is the color of ivory or that comes from the Ivory Coast, like cocoa?


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    I found this reference: Valrhona Ivoire A slightly sugared white chocolate, well balanced with delicate flavors and a very fine texture. Suitable for pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding,

    The website was called chocosphere....
    Try searching Ivoire white covering.


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    Hi all,

    The product is used to make a ganache to fill a choux pastry, if that helps?

    I am tempted to go with white chocolate covering.


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    Valrhona is a brand and Ivoire is a product name ... Would the recipe really say that?

    What is done with those 250 g in the recipe?
    What other ingredients is there?

    I found a choux recipe that called for "colorant ivoire" for the icing (although 250 g sounds like a lot of food colouring)