Ix-nay the ooze-bay. Ankers-bay [pig Latin]


Angelo sends Aldo (somewhere in the house) to get champagne to celebrate an announcement of marriage. While Aldo was away, bankers arrive in the hall. And here Aldo gets back with the bottles. Angelo, trying to look law-abiding before the bankers, tells Aldo:
- Aldo, I'm shocked! You know liquor's against the law! Didn't you ever hear of Prohibition?
- Heard of it? What do you think paid for this house?
[Aldo doesn't realize there are the bankers here]
- Ix-nay the ooze-bay. Ankers-bay. [pointing to the bankers with a covert glance, after which Aldo understands the situation]
Oscar, movie

Explain please the words in bold.
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