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    Heippa taas,

    There was another thing I didn't quite understand in the quote from the last thread:

    My translation of the first sentence: "Räikkönen, who started at second position on the grid, stalled[?] right away at the start, as both the Ferrari drivers, F.A. and F.M., passed the driver from the Lotus team."

    What's confusing me is that I expect jäädä to combine with a noun in the illative (lähtöön, etc.), rather than a noun in the inessive (lähdössä). However, it could be that jäi in this context simply means "(the car) stalled", and lähdössä refers to where the stalling happened.

    What do you think?

    Kiitos vielä kerran,
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    Jäädä in competitions can mean for example: fall behind (jäädä jälkeen), lose time/position(s) (menettää aikaa/sijoitus (sijoituksia)).

    ...fell behind/lost positions right away at the start...

    Lähdössä refers to the moment when it happened.
    The inessive case can be also used to give the location.

    You can say for example: Kerttu Niskanen (Finnish skier) jäi paljon radan jyrkimmässä mäessä.
    K.N. lost a lot of time on the steepest hill of the track.
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