J' tembrasse ma puce et tu sais ke je te kiff grave

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  1. jawjapeech New Member

    My friend in France sent this to me in a text message! J' tembrasse ma puce et tu sais ke je te kiff grave.
  2. radjane dessama Senior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, Jawjapeech

    First, I think you should re-frame the title of this thread to indicate the subject

    Second, you are supposed, under the forum rules, to have a go at the translation first, before asking for help

    Gook Luck!
  3. OlivierG

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    Hi, Jawjapeech,

    Welcome to the WordReference forum !

    I renamed your thread in order to comply with the WordReference rules:
    "4. Put the word or phrase in the title when asking a question (Avoid "translation please", "how do I say this?", "does this word exist?", "I'm new" and the like)."

  4. Gardefeu Senior Member

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    I think we can't reasonably expect an English person to understand that, even though they spoke fairly good French! You have to actually live in France and be au courant the most contemporary slang to make sense out of it!

    Kiss you sweetheart, and you know I like you a lot.
  5. jawjapeech New Member

    MERCI BEAUCOUP, Gardefeu!
    I couldn't even find the words "ke" or "kiff" in my dictionary. I apologize I have been trying to learn French for about 1 month and I am muddling my way through it with a few books and a dictionary. Could you please give me a word for word literal translation in english? I have so much trouble with the placement of the words and sentence structure. Any pointers or tips you have for me will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Gardefeu Senior Member

    French (France)
    It's SMS French, I'm afraid, combined with Arab-French street slang, I'm afraid this would be more harmful than helpful!
  7. kertek

    kertek Senior Member

    UK English
    "ke" is "que"

    "kiffer" is "to be into something/someone"

    so a word-for-word translation might be: "I kiss you my sweetheart and you know that I'm into you seriously"

    which, in UK English, would be more like "Lots of love, babe, and you know I'm so into you..."
  8. super_chupik New Member

    J' tembrasse = Je t'embrasse and means I hug you or I give you a hug.
    Je te kiff means I like you or I love you.
    kiffer synonym to aimer
    the correct speling is:
    Je t'embrasse ma puce et tu sais que je te kiffe grave.

    The phrase means: I hug you my baby and you know that I love you much!

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