ja też cię kocham



ja tez cie kocham
or maybe
ja tes cie kocham

can anyone translate?
  • Ja cie kocham (Polish) = I love you (English) = Je t'aime (French informal) = Je vous aime (French formal)

    Best I can do!
    "Ja też Cię kocham!" (Cię /you/ with capital letter, while writing in second person singular)
    It's as simple as that: "I love you too!"
    I love you = Kocham Cię
    francofille said:
    Ja cie kocham (Polish) = I love you (English) = Je t'aime (French informal) = Je vous aime (French formal)

    Best I can do!
    Hi francofille, :)

    You did a great job here.:thumbsup: Nonetheles, I think you wouldn't translate it into formal French. The sentece given by our anonym forero doesn't sound formal in Polish. If you call someone using cię this most likely means that you know each other well and the tone of your speech prevails with informal language. Polish language uses different words in formal register. If you wanted Polish equivalents of Je vous aime they would be rather:
    Ja też Panią kocham (if spoken to a woman)
    Ja też Pana kocham (if spoken to a man)
    Ja też was kocham (if spoken to more than one person regardless of sex)


    EDIT: Ups.... I've just noticed the date of your post.
    Hi there!

    Normally, we don't say "ja Cię kocham" in Polish, unless to convince the other person about our affection; in such case we put a stress on either "ja" or "kocham", dependind on what we want to indicate (not getting into too much details).
    Usually, instead of saying the above, Polish just say "Kocham Cię", which is the proper equivalent of "I love you".
    However, ja też Cie kocham sounds quite normal to my ears.

    Welcome to the forums rp citizen. :)

    I couldn't agree more...even though I'd replied to the "ja cie kocham" inquiry.
    Hence the misunderstanding,

    have a good day:)

    PS.By the way; ja też Cię kocham sounds great to my ears!