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    What does the expression 'ja wohl' exactly mean? I've seen and heard it a couple of times but nobody gave me a good explanation yet.
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    If it's an answer to a question "jawohl" just means "yes" but the speaker implies a rather submissive stance towards the other. That's why you mostly hear it in military.

    It can also be used as expression of joy or relief.
    "Jawohl, endlich ist das Tor für unsere Mannschaft gefallen"
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    For "ja wohl" as two words, I'd suggest the example sentence "Das ist ja wohl die Höhe!", for which dict.cc offers: "That really is the limit!".

    Here, "ja wohl" are some kind of exclamatory filler words. You almost never hear "Das ist die Höhe!", but "Das ist ja/doch wohl die Höhe!". Another example where this is used is "Das kann ja/doch wohl nicht wahr sein!" ("Get outta here" is what dict.cc offers for the 'doch' variant), which is an exclamation of disbelief.

    It seems pretty idiomatic, so I wouldn't say there's a translation for just that phrase. It's just a phrase that fortifies an exclamation.

    I hope that helped a bit =)

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