I'm looking for the meaning of the word "jackanorry".

I found it in one of Blur's song, "Country House" : "Everything's going jackanorry"

I guess it is an created word, however I do not manage to understand the meaning and I was wondering if natives could explain the feeling this word evokes.

Thanks in advance.
  • It's a reference to Cockney rhyming slang, "Jack-a-nory" meaning "story" and the nursery rhyme:

    I'll tell you a story
    About Jack a Nory,
    And now my story's begun;

    I'll tell you another
    About Jack and his brother,
    And now my story's done.

    It was also a well-loved UK TV series 1965 -1996 for kids
    Thanks a lot Santana2002, I had no idea !

    So in the context of "going Jack-a-nory", could it mean "it is as if I were in a fictional world" ?
    I would be more inclined to think: everything is going story-book perfect, but as with all lyrics it's open to an individual's interpretation.