jacquard musical tones

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What does "jacquard musical tones" mean in the following context:
from the first exit the stage is set as a finely crafted carpet fabric overcoat- complete with jacquard musical tones - establishes the silhouette for the collection; exaggerated drape, shoulders are soft and sleeves long.

  • Edinburgher

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    Jacquard is a machine-weaving technique that makes it possible, when using differently coloured threads, to weave artwork patterns into the cloth.
    Perhaps in this case the patterns involved motifs of a musical nature: notes, clef signs, accidentals, etc.


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    That's the impression I got too. 'Jacquard musical' doesn't mean anything to me, but I knew about the Jacquard loom, so I used Google Images to see what comes up for "Jacquard". You see a lot of very ornate patterns, and some of the swirling ones suggest treble clefs, and others are more geometrical like other musical notation . . .
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