j'ai nommé


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A typical french expression is "j'ai nommé...", we use it to introduce something or someone, but at the end of an introduction, that gives a little suspense.
So, we first describe what we are talking about and at the end we say "j'ai nommé"+the name of that thing.
Is there any similar expression in english, can we use "I named", or "I designated"?
Thank you for your help.
  • Quaeitur

    When applied to an object, you could use something like

    Let me introduce the ...

    Minils: Unfortunately, I named and I designated do not work in this context.


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    Ok thank you, and talking about a person, what should we say? Is "please welcome..." ok?

    Mrs Large

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    "Please welcome" is a good way to introduce someone, a speaker at a conference, or performer on the stage, for example.

    Is this the context you need?


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    I agree with the poster above...

    "Please welcome"

    or even more formal

    "I present to you" - which can be used for a person but it less common than please welcome is for a person


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    These propositions "please welcome" , "I present to you" or "let me introduce" are right only if the person or the thing you are talking about is in front of you.
    In the case, you are reporting a news or a story, it's impossible to use these phrases. You should say "I talk about...", "I'm talking about..." or "I want to talk about..."
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