1. calembourde

    calembourde Senior Member

    Genève, Suisse
    New Zealand, English

    I have often seen people online say "je ne peux pas, j'ai piscine" or just "j'ai piscine" by itself... I have swimming pool :confused:. I get the impression that it is just a random, silly excuse for not doing something (like a girl saying she can't go on a date because she has to wash her hair that night.) Am I right? Where did this phrase come from, is it a play on words?
  2. Johanne

    Johanne Senior Member

    I understand it like J'ai (un cours de) piscine. Like as J'ai cours ce soir.
  3. Guass

    Guass Member

    Well, "j'ai piscine" is used for meaning "I have a swimming training".

    I've never heard that as an silly excuse.
  4. BénéQC

    BénéQC Senior Member

    Québec City
    france french
    :D I heard it as an excuse, I did!!
    I think it's in a film or a TV program in France (For instance a TV show like "Tout le monde en parle" with Ardisson et Laurent Baffie...) The guy said (I think it's Laurent Baffie) "Je peux pas, j'ai piscine" and that was so funny he'd say that line again several times. I said that to my friend too, trying to be funny!!
    Hope it helps!
  5. Guass

    Guass Member

    It was in the TV programme "Tout le monde en parle" I remember, but sniff.....this programme doesn't exist any more :(
  6. calembourde

    calembourde Senior Member

    Genève, Suisse
    New Zealand, English
    Thanks, I wondered if it came from a movie or something. :D
  7. edharcourt

    edharcourt Senior Member

    France, idf/bzh
    French - France
    I was just thinking about this.
    I used the excuse "Je peux pas, j'ai piscine" when I was in school (especially because I didn't have swimming lessons...).
    I heard "I gotta wash my hair" as en excuse in English. Would you say it's an equivalent ?
    (=Everyone knows you don't really have to wash them or it won't take that long to do it ? In French, it'd be a funny way to say you don't want to go somewhere)
  8. BénéQC

    BénéQC Senior Member

    Québec City
    france french
    Of course, I'd say it's an equivalent, although, you know, 5 years later (!) 'J'ai piscine' would seem a little bit oldfashioned... ! Maybe gonna try to replace it by : 'J'peux pas, je dois me laver les cheveux.'
  9. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    Could a boy use "I've got to wash my hair"? When I was of that sort of age it was only girls who used it. If a boy used it he would receive a lot of snide remarks concerning his gender orientation...remarks that are not supposed to be made nowadays.
  10. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    It could mean what it says - I can't come tomorrow, I go to the swimming pool on (Fridays) or we have swimming tomorrow.

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