Jak byście przetłumaczyli następujący zwrot: „rozliczyć się z pieniędzy”?

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How would you translate the following conversation:

(At the shop)

A: Can I have the receipt please?
B: Sure.
A: You know, I have to „rozliczyć się z żoną z pieniędzy, które wydałem”.

Here is what I got myself:

I have to account for the money I've spent with my wife.
I have to tell my wife how much I've spent.
I have to settle accounts with my wife for the money I spent in the shop. (this version is from an online translator)

What precise expression / word would you use? How to sound colloquial?

Thank you.
  • anthox

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    Of the options you've given, the only one that works is "I have to tell my wife how much I've spent." Although, I think the better/more natural to say it, as well as a more accurate translation of the Polish, would be, "I have to account for the money I spend to my wife."
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