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Hi Everyone!
I need to know how the type of ham called in Spanish: Jamon flambeado can be translated in Japanese.
Thank you in advance!
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    Hello akivista09,

    If I understand the dish correctly as a "ham flambé", the translation would be ハムのフランベhamu no furanbe).

    If it is a ham steak with a flambé finish, ハムステーキのフランベ仕上げ (hamu sutēki no furanbe shiage) sounds more appetizing, though it is a bit mouthful :)

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    It is true that "flambé" (フランベ), a French word, is commonly used in Japanese (as in other languages) in cooking. It is normally applied for crêpe(s), [crêpes flambées], a process of pouring liqueur on the crêpe, setting it on fire and letting the flames of the burning liqueur coat the crêpe and give it a taste.
    Now, I'm not sure that this can apply to ham ... Maybe Jamon flambeado is closer to "roast(ed)/grilled ham" ?
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    You are welcome :) douitashimashite-!



    Yes, flambé can be applied to both sweet and savory dishes :)

    A whiskey or cognac is generally added to a meat flambé (i.e. red meat, white meat, fish, shellfish, shrimp etc.) while a liqueur and a Grand Marnier frequently accompanies a flaming dessert (i.e.banana, crepe, carmelized fruits etc.). Rums work well with fruits as does brandy.

    Cheese Saganaki is a popular Greek dish which is a fried cheese frambé. If you go to a greek restaurant, a waiter will pour a shot of ouzo on hot fried cheese with a shout of "Opa!" to flambé at your table. You'll see a big flame on the plate then it is extinguished with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It's a real fun dish to order. :)

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