Japanese/Chinese: The Way of The Elements


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I would like to know how to say this phrase in Japanese and/or Chinese as well as being able to write it in these respective languages. The Chinese version could be in Mandarin or Cantonese, Japanese can be traditional or informal... as long as the translation is accurate. Thanks in advance to all who respond to this thread.

"The Way of The Elements"
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    If that's "way" as in "the way of the warrior" which besides method implies discipline, etc. then here's my try in Japanese:

    神気道 shinkidou (noun)

    shin (god) - ki - dou (way)

    If it's "the elements" as a way to express nature (which can be just another name for god).

    if you literally mean the elements (four in Western cultures). Then its

    五大道 (noun)
    go (five) - dai (big) - dou (way)

    The way of the big five or something. Big five = Fire, Air, Water, Earth and "Void"

    Take this with a grain of salt, I'm not native and used a dictionary to do this. It could be utterly wrong.

    You can use more "literal" translations:
    神気の道 shinki no michi
    五大の道 godai no michi

    But my guess is the 1st ones are more correct.