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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Yoshiee, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Yoshiee

    Yoshiee Senior Member

    Hi everyone

    This is one of my comments in the Japanese forum however I am still wondering whether I have to put "the Japanese" instead of "Japanese".

    I think that just "Japanese" could be OK, if I am Japanese. Please let me know your suggestion.

    Thank you for your suggestion in advance.
  2. sdgraham

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    Oregon, USA
    USA English
  3. JulianStuart

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    I think the first mention of Japanese refers to the language and not the people, right? The second one, which does refer to the people, should be made clear by using the article - mainly because it might be mistaken for the language used earlier and cause confusion to some. It might be even better for the second one to say "Japanese speakers" or "Japanese people" for enhanced clarity.

    "Won't you eat the soup, will you?" Is this a joke about the confusion you are describing? It's not English.
  4. Yoshiee

    Yoshiee Senior Member

    Thank you, sdgraham

    The thread is ehough for me. ( actually I looked up only " Amerians or The Americans") Sorry for disturbing you.
  5. Yoshiee

    Yoshiee Senior Member

    Hi JulianStuart

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I will use the "Japanese speakers" or "Japanese people". This should be what I want to put in.

    PS: If possible, for my learning, please let me know the correct sentence for "Won't you eat the soup, will you?" . Actually I am not putting a joking but still a learner of English.

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