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    As in Western countries people often use given names of Christian connotations like Biblical personalities' names (Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesús [in Spanish-speaking countries], etc) or of religious concepts ("Tiffany" [from the Greek word Theophania, meaning "the appearance of a deity to a human"] or "Trinidad" [Spanish for the idea of Holy Trinity]), I'm wondering whether Japanese lay people do anything similar in a customary manner.

    I don't know if the Japanese female given name 水輪 (みわ) is directly related to the liquid layer of Buddhist cosmology which is beneath the gold layer (金輪) that is supporting the whole universe, but as far as I know, at least the dated name suffix -丸 (まる) was used for the property of "perfection", which in Japanese culture is associated with roundness, being in turn the way some Japanese artists draw the Buddhist concept of 空 (くう "emptiness").
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    That's your free choice. If you like this Buddhist term 水輪, you can use it for name. Or if you like these kanji 水 and 輪, it's OK, too.
    We have a common name 悟, which seems to be related to 悟り in the Buddhism. But I don't think all people are aware of and strictly accord with the Buddhist term when giving this name.
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    Thanks for your comment

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