can someone please explain the root of jara, I know some expressions like:

stara ale jara
jarasz mnie

but I can not find anything on internet about it.

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    stara ale jara
    "Jara" is a feminine adjective here, so the basic form is "jary" (masculine forms of adjectives are typically used in dictionaries). It's an old Slavic word related to "jar" = "spring" (nowadays used only in the contexts like 'pszenica jara' = 'spring wheat', ie. sown in spring, as opposed to "winter wheat", "pszenica ozima", which is sown in autumn, sprouts and spends winter hidden in the snow.

    "Jary" as an adjective meas "strong", so your phrase means "old, but (still) strong". Słownik etymologiczny języka polskiego/jar - Wikiźródła, wolna biblioteka.

    "Jarać" and the derived words are cognate to 'żar', 'żarzyć (się)". The verb is a slang word meaning "to burn". Also "to smoke (cigarets, etc)" - a regular word used in Polish for smoking ("palić") literally means "to burn", so the two are quite consistent. However in your phrase:
    jarasz mnie
    it's used figuratively in the meaning "to excite", hence "you excite me" (also a slang).
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