Jateamento/ Jatear com esfera de vidro

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  1. Fishang New Member


    I met a portuguese sentence as in title.

    Anybody can explain to me the meaning in English, or in French? Thanks in advance

  2. moura

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    Hi Fishang,

    I found this explanation about "vidro jateado" (jateado glass) at a Portuguese forum:

    Vidro jateado é um vidro que não deixa passar a luz de forma directa, torna a luz fosca. É muito utilizado em restaurantes e bares pelo ambiente que dá.

    Jateado glass is a glass that does not filter well the direct light, thus making light opaque. It is very common at restaurants and bars, due to its ambience effects. (there is an image but only forum members may see it)

    So "jatear com esfera de vidro" may mean to turn opaque by a glass sphere.

    Edit: See next post, for a better answer.
  3. moura

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    Hi again Fishand,

    A question about "jatear" has already been answered in this forum - here.

    I transcribe what our friend Vanda, explained at that time. It seems to fit all right your question (I will use a translator motor, with small personal changes, so the English may not be the best. I could not find a translation for the verb jatear)):

    Jatear is the method of throwing spurts, abrasive or not, with a machine of jatear, so that the surface of the material that we are working, iron, by example, become opaque. We can also make drawings in the surface with the jatear machine. We can jatear glasses, irons, etc, using abrasives: sand, water, glass micro-spheres, steel powder, aluminium oxide and sinter ball. See here a photo of jateamento process.

    In Portuguese:
    Jatear é o processo de lançar jactos, abrasivos ou não, com uma máquina de jatear, para que a superfície do material que se trabalha, o ferro, por exemplo, fique fosca. Também, faz-se desenhos sobre a superfície com a máquina de jatear. Pode-se jatear vidros, ferros, etc, com o uso de abrasivos: areia, água,micro-esfera de vidro, granalha de aço, óxido de alumínio e sinter ball.
  4. Vanda

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    Here an example of how to jatear. Although the text is in Portuguese, you can see the picture.
    Here a jateado glass.
    When the flush is done with sand it is a sandblast.
    jatear is literally to flush.
  5. Fishang New Member

    Mucho obrigado , Moura e Vanda!

    All these info above have allowed me to seize the word JATEAR much better, so, it should be some expressions like "Glass bead blasting" or "Sandblast with glass bead"!:) Thank you very much!

    Have a nice day!
  6. Veriver81 Senior Member

    O que significa a palavra jateamento?
    Encontrei-la num catalogo duma fabrica de equipamento metalurgicos.

  7. Vanda

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    Por favor, veja a discussão acima sobre jatear.
    jatear - verbo
    jateamento - substantivo

    Também está discussão que tivemos no sub-fórum espanhol.
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  8. Veriver81 Senior Member

    Obrigada Vanda.

    Consegui encontrar o significado do meu contexto. E' uma fase no processo da pintura duma maquina. Em Italiano = sabbiatura.

    Ainda obrigada. Ciao!
  9. Vanda

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    Valeu, agora temos a expressão em italiano também. Para nossos arquivos. :thumbsup:

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