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Hi everyone. This is football (soccer). I don't undestand the word "jaunt" here. In the dictionary it means a short journey for pleasure. But in this context, what does it mean?
4' Franck Ribery looks to
test Bosingwa's pace
with a jaunt down the left but the Chelsea defender
is more than a match for
the Frenchman, and
casually shepherds the
ball out of play for a goal-
kick to his side.
Bayern München 1 - 1 Chelsea LIVE Commentary - 5/19/12 UEFA Champions League - Goal.com
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    Sportscasters (announcers in sports events) like to use "colorful language". That means they like to say things in many different ways, so it does not get boring to listen to them.

    Your definition of "jaunt" is correct. In this context it just means "he travels down the left" but they word it as "he takes a little pleasure trip down the left."



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    It's just a colourful word for a run down the left . . .

    Commentators have to keep coming up with new and sometimes odd words to save repeating words like 'run', kick' tackle' and so on.

    Cross-posted down the middle of the park. :)


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    I would understand a jaunt as faster than a stroll but slower than a sprint or a dash, both of which are slightly slower than a streak. You will need to learn how to interpret words in the context of the game, and not just in terms of a (context -independent) dictionary definition :)
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