Javanese: Ono jopo sewu

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    It's a long story to explain why I need to know but... this phrase seems to originate from Indonesia or Java but I can't seem to find a translation anywhere. It appears in the Java Mantra Kesakten Gaib but I don't know anything else about it.
    I would really appreciate a translation into English and maybe some context too if that's not asking too much!
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    hey :) i can speak javanese. ono means there is, sewu has couple meaning, there is nyuwun sewu: means excuse me when you want to walk passing someone in front of you, or a thousand also means sewu. are sure the middle part is jopo?
    do you know what Java Mantra Kesakten Gaib means?
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    Thank you alseve18!

    The phrase appears in a mantra (a kind of mystical/religious chant) that originates from Java and the name of this particular mantra is 'Kesakten Gaib'. Here it is:

    10. Mantra Kesakten Gaib

    Bismillahirrohmanirrohim. Ono jopo sewu, jopo siji datan tumomo. Sing mandi japaku dhewe. Laa ilaa illallah, muhammadurrosullulah.

    I'm guessing that 'sewu' means 'thousand' in this case but I haven't found an online translator that will translate any of it!
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    Mantra Kesaktian Gaib
    -Japa : mantra magis; japa mantra : mantra magis; japa yoga : puja samadi. (Spell magic;Mantra;Yoga)
    -Jopo: Pray (sansekerta/old java language)

    Ono jopo sewu: There is thousand pray.

    Give me a kiss mum. :p
    If you want javanese-english translator online:

    It is difficult to find those spells magic word mum because many of spells magic mixed in Javanese, Sanskrit, Arabian and sundanese.

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