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Hi everyone! I don't understand the word "jaw-blocking", what does it mean?:(

the context is as follows:
On our second date, eight months before my nervous breakdown, I met her 85-pound pit bull mix, Pavlov.I’d just parked my blue motor scooter in her driveway, feeling jittery but intent to woo, when I noticed the beast galloping across the lawn at me — eyes wide, hackles raised and an I’m-going-to-disfigure-you huff with every trampling of the grass.

The woman I was courting screamed for Pavlov to stop. Two steps before gnashing the helmet that I’d extended in front of me as a shaky jaw-blocking shield, Pavlov cut a hard right, slowed to a canter, then trotted back to his apologetic mother, while keeping an eye on me over his shoulder.
source: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/05/a-manic-depressive-mans-best-friend/?_r=0

the context seems a little long... But I'm sure it contains just four sentences:D
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    Look at the whole phrase "shaky jaw-blocking shield". It's a shield. It's shaky because he is scared and his hand is shaking. Which bit of the dog does he want to block with his shield? Its teeth - its jaws. It's a jaw-blocking shield.
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