I learned an expression " Jaywalking is dangerous" in a book.
Is there any other way to say Jaywalking is dangerous?
I will say " Walking across the road without following the traffic signals is dangerous."
But this doesn't sound idiomatic, does it???
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    Crossing the road outside the designated area is dangerous.
    'Jaywalking' includes crossing the road at traffic lights when the red man is on - this would be at the designated area, no?

    If you wanted to express the idea in a less precise way, you could say 'crossing the road haphazardly ...' or 'heedlessly' or 'illegally'.


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    I never thought of it as crossing against the red light -- as well as in the middle of the street -- but indeed it is. Here's what the Online Etymology Dictionary says about its origin: jaywalking: by 1912 in Amer.Eng. (said in original citation to be a Kansas City term), from jay, perhaps with notion of boldness and impudence. Related: Jaywalk; jaywalker.

    From a Wiki article -- just to prove that Kansas folks like Jays -- The Kansas Jayhawks football program is the intercollegiate football program of the University of Kansas Jayhawks. One assumes they do jayrunning, however.
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