jazz for the Reagan revolution


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Extraordinarily gifted and fluent in both jazz and classical music, not to mention young, handsome, black, impassioned, and articulate, especially on the importance of jazz history and jazz masters, Marsalis was ideally equipped to lead a cultural-aesthetic movement suited to the time, a renaissance that raised public esteem for and the popular appeal of jazz through a return to the music's traditional values: jazz for the Reagan revolution.

(This comes from The Atlantic Monthly March 2003 Wynton's Blues)

I don't know what the bold part means. Does it mean jazz during the Reagan revolution period has its tradtional values? What is the relationship between jazz and Reagan revolution?

Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, I believe you are correct.

    This interpretation is confirmed by this sentence in the preface to the article:
    But after a series of sour notes—[Wynton Marsalis] parted from his record label, has been caught up in controversy at Jazz at Lincoln Center; and has been drawing increasing fire from critics and fellow musicians alike for his narrow neotraditionalism—perhaps the biggest name in jazz faces an uncertain future.
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