Je me suis couché vs Je me couche

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  1. hotpinkxx

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    What are the differences between je me suis couché and je me couche? do they make sense?

    Please help, thanks!
  2. eleotuv Member

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    Je me suis couché is a past tense (like i went to bed)


    you don't really say Je me couche, because that would mean that you are in your bed and talking to someone else, or talking to yourself (in your diary or something), to let know what you are actually doing. (I don't know if that makes sense or not. Anyway, we don't really say that)

    If you wanna say i'm going to bed, you'd say Je vais me coucher
  3. Lezert

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    sorry, but I don't agree with eleotub on this point

    We use je me couche as a next future :
    ce soir , je me couche tôt ( this evening, I'll go to bed early)

    or to express an habit:
    tous les jours, je me couche vers 11h

    or to tell a past event:
    tu ne sais pas ce qui m'est arrivé?
    hier soir, je monte dans ma chambre, je me couche et alors...

  4. hotpinkxx

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    England, English
    merci beaucoup Lezert et eleotuv!
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