je m'en sacre

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  • Calamitintin

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    France, St Maix les bains, 79
    I'm not sure, but it seems a quebecism. If I'm right, it could mean sth like: I have nothing to do with it (je m'en fiche/je m'en fous).
    I don't know what you mean with "sacrer means to leave". I've never heard sacrer in this way!


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    Canada, French

    All these expressions means I don't care :

    Je m'en fous
    Je m'en sacre
    Je m'en câlice
    Je m'en crisse


    The two last expressions are most vulgar


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    Français, Canada
    Je sacre mon camp => I'm getting the hell out of here
    It's probably the expression Mellyhead was referring to.


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    English-United States
    I concur with what the French-Canadians have said. S'en sacrer in Quebec means roughly the same thing as S'en foutre does in France. Both can also mean to leave but in different contexts such as sacre le camp, fous le camp.
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