Je n'arrive pas à m'y faire

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England and English!!

I have another question about the meaning of a phrase within Harry Potter à l'École des Sorciers! I'm a couple of pages on from last time - Hagrid has just given baby Harry to Dumbledore to be left with his horrible uncle after surviving Voldemort's attack and Hagrid starts sobbing, saying: je n'arrive pas à m'y faire

I think I've worked out that je n'arrive pas à faire means that I didn't manage to do it but it's the m'y that is confusing me!! Does it mean that he didn't manage to do it to himself there (which doesn't make a lot of sense...), ie that he couldn't save Harry's parents who were killed, or does it have another meaning that eludes me?!

I'm confused because he did succeed in getting Harry so I can't fit it into the context of the story!! Unless it's a similar phrase to the English 'I can't make myself to do it' (having just read in my dictionary that se faire is to make oneself) ie, leave the baby with his non-wizard family!

Sorry, this has turned into a very long winded question!!
Thank you very much!!!
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    se faire à = to get used to. The "y" replaces the "à" along with what is understood to come after ("à l'idée que ses parents son morts").

    I think here it means "I just can't stand it / I can't get used to the idea (that Harry's parents are dead)."

    The original in the book is: But I just c-c-c-can't stand it...


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    it means he can't get used to the idea that James and Lily are dead and that Harry is going to be left "alone" in a Muggle family
    "je ne parviens pas à m'y faire" = se faire à l'idée que... = to accept, believe,...
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